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We offer another Taurus
Technical - Commercial details

Hydraulic  Scrap Shear  Typ  TAURUS  500  t,  SM  540NP-2560.22D  
Manufactured:  1996   -  Refurbished 2017
1 PerformanceRef. C.540P

Cutting Pressure5000 kN (by 400bar)

Cutting Width800  mm  (Blade length  900  mm)  

Cutting Height620  mm  

Compactor power900  kN  

Cuts per minute (dry)  4  -  5  min  

Automatic greasing system  inkl.  
2 Compacting Chamber
Ref. SM 2560.22

Length6,000 mm

Width (Open)2,500 mm

Width (Closed)780 mm

Height (Closed)600 mm

No of cylinders left2 Stk

No of cylindrs right
2 Stk

Lid Force left1,800 kN

Lid Force right1,800 kN

Main compacting cylinder1,400 kN
3 Hydraulic AggregateDiesel1 pice

Typ:DEUTZ 1013


Main pump LINDE2 Stk

Working pressure360 bar
4 OutputMixed Scrap8-10 t/h
5 DimensionsHeight4.0 m

Width305 m

Total Length14.0 m

Total Weight58 t
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