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"Welcome to Recycling Machinery NZ, the one stop web shop for all your recycling machinery requirements. We specialise in sourcing the best new and used recycling machinery from around the world direct from the manufacturer. With our head office in New Zealand and expert agents in Europe, you can rely on us to provide you with the right solution at the right price.
Contact us today for unbiased expert advice."
We are proud to have been appointed the exclusive agent for SEDA recycling equipment for the New Zealand market. SEDA are a world leading designer and manufacturer of machinery specifically created to satisfy the growing need to recycle waste/scrap material efficiently and profitably. SEDA have agents worldwide and are based in Austria.

In addition, we are able source from international suppliers and recyclers used and reconditioned recycling machinery. Click on HERE to go to our USED EQUIPMENT PAGES
Efficient Powerful engine with high compression force - Several car bodies can be pressed flat - Optimum utilization of truck cargo holds
Recycling wire
- removal plastics - Efficient semi-automated process to save waste and labour time


The video on the left is a short 44 second clip showing the capability of just a few of the extensive range of products from SEDA designed and built with Austrian precision engineering.

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