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Here is a listing of some of the equipment we have on file. Please contact us for any machinery needs you may have and we will endeavour to find on the world market suitable and competitively priced product for your consideration. Our European based Director and buyer is well experienced in this industry. Please contact Chris on the 021 423416 or CLICK HERE TO EMAIL HIM
Efficient Powerful engine with high compression force - Several car bodies can be pressed flat in 1 closing activation - Optimum utilization of truck cargo holds Click on HERE for full specs on this flattener

The Shredder - Load manualy or several loading possibilities such as conveyor belt, screw or lift. Empty by conveyor belt. There are a liquid/solids separation system optionally.

The cable shredder was specially developed for processing electrical cables. This separates valuable raw materials such as copper or aluminum from the plastic. For specs please CLICK HERE
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Tyre Remover - T-REC a well thought through answer to quickly & easily separate tyres from rims Benefits:- Tyres (even Run Flat Tyres) & Rims, 13" to 17" (alloy + steel) - Tyre & rim demolition guaranteed
The SEDA AFR clamps down and drills the compressor of old refrigerators, automatically extracts the compressor oil as well environmentally harmful freon gas and separates it.
The above equipment is just a small selection of recycling products we have competitive access to. Any requirements you may have, we would appreciate the opportunity of quoting & sourcing them for you.
                                  And please check out our USED MACHINERY FOR SALE
Please use the contact form or call Chris on cell 021 423416
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